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Bernhard Schir was born in 1963 in the city of Innsbruck. He completed his education as an actor at the famous Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna.
His career started on stage of the Vienna “Volkstheater”.

In Josefstadt  he played many main roles in Gespenster, Amadeus, Liebelei, Kabale und Liebe, to name just a few examples. This was followed by engagements in Basel and Frankfurt. Because of his excellent acting skills, the Austrian was honored with major awards like Josef-Kainz-Medal, Karl-Skraup-Award, Wiener Culture Award.

Most recently (2007) with the Nestroy Award for the best actor of the year for his role as Christian in the stage adaption of Das Fest by Thomas Winterberg (director Phillip Tiedemann).

Simultaneously, from the beginning of the 90‘s the theatre actor also started a successful television career. He plays his most important early roles in El Chicko (Director: David Rühm), Lauf Anna, Lauf! (Director: Franz Novotny) and Im Schatten des Führers (Director: Jürgen Kaizik).

He accomplished his great breakthrough in the title role of the successful doctor series OP ruft Dr. Bruckner (Director: Udo Witte, Christoph Schrewe and more). In the series Typisch Sophie (Director: Brigitte Müller, Matthias Steurer, Thomas Nennstiel) he took over another continuous main role between 2004 and 2006 playing a charismatic lawyer. In the two-part film Eine Liebe in Afrika (2003, Director: Xaver Schwarzenberger) Schir played an angry doctor in a wheelchair and produced crackling tension in the mini series Zodiak (2007, Director: Andreas Prochaska) as a horoscope murderer.

In the cinema Bernhard Schir was seen 1996 in the black comedy El Chicko (Director David Rühm) and acted in France and in french for TV-movies in 1998 and 1999 (Director: Pierre Boutron and Nicolas Ribowski).